OpenEd Fellowship

The Fellowship for Innovators, Leaders and Change Agents!

Why this fellowship 

With more than half of the global population under the age of 30, it is evident that young people stand at the center of global development agenda. But the world is short of young passionate leaders to deliver on this promise. Tackling today’s global challenges like unemployment, immigration, food crisis and climate change requires concerted efforts with speed and scale from all stakeholders, most importantly young people. Building the capacity of a critical mass of young people who are innovative, entrepreneurial and with leadership abilities to influence their peers and communities is urgent and timely for catalyzing the next sustainable development agenda for Africa. 

  • Our fellowship program attracts passionate innovators and budding leaders who are already making a contribution or zealous about making a contribution for sustainability.
  • Selected fellows are taken through a rigorous 15-week program that takes them through the understanding of global and local climate change and sustainability issues and why we must act now!
  • Fellows can also be attached to different universities or other institutes with which we have collaborations. At these institutions, they acquire first hand understanding of issues in their interest and get deeply involved with the interventions and research programs taking place at these institutions.
  • A substantial portion of our fellowship program is spent on our Sustainability Journeys where fellows are taken on adventure safaris to areas of critical sustainability importance to pick experiences and lessons firsthand from the source but also to share their knowledge with the local communities.

OpenEd Fellowship 2018

The second cohort of OpenEd Fellowhip will focus on key topics that are critical for scaling of fellows’ startups. These are;

ü  Design Thinking and Human Centered Design

ü  Business Modeling

ü  Startup Financing & Financial Management

ü  Sustainability: Principles and practice

ü  Leadership

Expected Outcome

We expect that the time the fellows will spend on this program will prepare them to think and act critically, rethink their business models and acquire practical applied knowledge for scaling. In the end, we hope that fellows will be inspired and reenergize to execute their passionate ideas but most importantly equipped with knowledge and skills that will enable them cause positive change in their community.

Very specifically; we expect to see change in each one’s business startup or social enterprise and leveraging this knowledge to scale up their businesses and/or initiatives and in the end cause impact in their communities and beyond.


This fellowship program is designed as a 15-week program spread across 4 months between November 2017 and February 2018. There will 4 contact hours per study week spread on Fridays and Saturdays.

There will be other modes of engagement including assignments, scheduled tasks and meet ups.Another important aspect on this program is the Sustainability Journeys where fellows will be taken on field journeys to successful projects to fully appreciate the issues on ground, generate better insights and learn onsite. Fellows who are able to host their colleagues on their own project sites will be encouraged to do so.

Study center

The training sessions will be conducted at the Innovation Village – Bureau, Ntinda complex, Block C, level 3. Other sessions and learning journeys in other places will always be communicated by the facilitators.

Further mentorship and incubation of ideas

Beyond the program, fellows will receive further mentorship from the facilitators and continued support of the partner organizations on this fellowship program. This will involve internships, incubation of fellows’ ideas and projects, one-o-one mentorships, and networking opportunities with other relevant organizations for possible internships, fellowships, and possibilities for project funding.

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